Expert Painting for your home

Exterior of your home

We all take great pride in the way we look, feel and communicate with others, so why should you home be any different? There is an Indian saying which roughly translates to ‘They type of welcome you will receive from within the house is often visible on the outside’. So I guess you could say, its important for you home to look as good on the outside as it is on the inside. So whether you house is brick finish, render or tile, there is no excuse for maintaining the outside of your home.

Interior decoration of your home

In the 1970’s wallpaper was an extremely popular choice when it came to decorating inside the home. This specialist form of decoration carried on well into the late 1980’s, this was soon to be replaced by the smooth plastering of internal walls of the home followed by the newly found ‘Magnolia’ paint. Even to this day, interiors of homes are generally very smooth with a whole range of colours including various shades of grey. Having wallpaper is now seen as a ‘luxury item’, some of the more executive style homes now have wallpaper on one or more walls of their home adding a touch of class and warmth to the room.

Woodwork – what finish?

When looking at you internal/external woodwork in detail, it is important to try and maintain the quality and appearance of the wood grain if possible. Whilst some doors, doorframes and trims may appear to be smooth on the surface, more often than not some of them will have a woodgrain which when painted correctly can add a whole new feel to the appearance of the wood itself. In high traffic areas such as skirting boards the obvious finish is an oil based gloss, it is equally important to consider satin as an alternative finish. Treating the knots on wood is vital if you want a good finish, the choice of colours needs to be made so it works well within the room and alongside the doors etc. Overall, you need to be sure that the walls, ceilings and woodwork all compliment each other.

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